Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center Signs Agreement with Maryland Counterterrorism Security Training Company



Company Trainers and Executives Include Former Navy SEALS, Delta Force Members

ANNAPOLIS, MD (10 April 2014) – A Maryland-based counterterrorism security training company, whose executives and trainers include a Delta Force member portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down, has signed an agreement to conduct training for specialized entities at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, Officials announced Wednesday.

Annapolis-based ViaGlobal Group signed the agreement after making several visits to the sprawling Mississippi National Guard installation located just south of Hattiesburg. ViaGlobal Group’s executive board includes former commanders in Marine, Navy and Army Special Operations organizations. Once trainer, Norm Hooten, was a Delta Force member during the Battle of Mogadishu who was portrayed by actor Eric Bana in the 2001 hit movie Black Hawk Down.

“ViaGlobal Group’s partnership with Camp Shelby represents an opportunity to join together two very important ingredients, hand-selected, highly qualified trainers paired with preeminent facilities. As a result ViaGlobal clients to include law enforcement, US Military, and other public services, will have access to hundreds of acres of land including marksmanship ranges, drop-zones, and urban villages. At Camp Shelby we have the lodging and life support essentials to service and train up to a Battalion size element. Very exciting,” said Thomas H. Ripley, President at ViaGlobal Group.

Col. William “Brad” Smith, commander at Camp Shelby, said the addition of ViaGlobal Group to the list of tenant organizations is a testament to the unmatched facilities, which include a state-of-the-art urban terrain site and live fire shoot house, and the value seen by highly-specialized forces.

“We are proud to have an internationally respected entity like ViaGlobal Group call Camp Shelby a second home. This is nothing new for us. For decades, Camp Shelby has been active in Special Operations Forces training,’ said Smith. “This agreement is a formalization and recognition that Camp Shelby is a premier training platform.”

Camp Shelby continues to meet the challenge of providing for the Nation’s defense by planning, developing, and providing a constantly evolving diverse and demanding training environment to meet new and emerging threats to our Nation’s security.

For more information or media inquiries you may contact the following representatives: On behalf of Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, Lt. Col. Rick Weaver, O: 601-558-2858   C: 769-798-3461 and via e-mail: . On behalf of ViaGlobal Group, Beth Miller, C: 703-347-3978, and via e-mail

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