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KASOTC’s 5th Annual Warrior Competition & Exhibition

The 5th Annual Warrior Competition and Exhibition will be held at King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) in Amman, Jordan during the week of March 23rd-28th, 2013. The event will be hosted by KASOTC and the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). A combination of military units and law enforcement task forces will test their skills …

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Predicting Violence

ViaGlobal team member, Dr. John Monahan of UVA, is a leading authority on violence risk assessment. A recent Washington Post article described some of his work. Read the article target=”_blank”>here.

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New Chief Operating Officer

ViaGlobal Group would like to welcome Major General (Ret) Stephen J. Miller as the Chief Operating Officer. General Miller brings¬† years of experience in leadership, and management to ViaGlobal. He completed his 32-year military career as Commanding General, US Air Force, at the squadron, group and wing levels. Subsequently, he joined the private sector and …

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