Tactical Combat Training Provider at Legion Operator Training Group


Beth Miller, bmiller@viaglobalgroup.com


Annapolis, MD (February 2, 2014)


ViaGlobal Group Named as Tactical Combat Training Provider at Legion Operator Training Group


Annapolis, MD — ViaGlobal Group (ViaGlobal) formalized an agreement with Legion Operator Training Group (Legion OTG) to be the sole provider of tactical combat training and curriculum design at their training facility located in Blakely, GA. 

ViaGlobal is the preeminent provider of international operations management and tactical training services at King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) in Amman, Jordan.  ViaGlobal specializes in the latest counter-terrorism, special operations and irregular warfare tactics, techniques and procedures.  Marc Masoner, CEO of Legion, is excited about the partnership and what it represents for our nation’s military forces.  “This relationship creates the most versatile training opportunity in the industry.  We have combined two professional companies that can support any training requirements.  I expect this relationship to create a strong bond among our clients and position the Legion-ViaGlobal team to support the most stringent requirements.”

The Legion OTG training facility is conveniently located 5 miles north of Blakely, GA and is accessible by either the Atlanta, GA or Tallahassee, FL metro areas.  Offering a full range of facilities and amenities Legion possesses the full capability to support today’s most elite fighting forces.  “At ViaGlobal we pride ourselves in delivering the absolute highest quality product in our training programs and this partnership with the Legion OTG training center further exemplifies that standard.  This is a new facility designed and customized to support the modern day warrior that is now partnered with the world’s leading provider of tactical training.  As a result the clients that train with ViaGlobal at Legion will leave with the highest possible result.” said Thomas H. Ripley, President of ViaGlobal Group.

About ViaGlobal Group:  The United States Government, Special Operations Forces, foreign allied governments and private entities trust ViaGlobal as a force multiplier to meet the demands of a new century. With a corporate focus on advancing specialized skills and creating solutions for the leading edge of today’s security challenges, ViaGlobal matches credentialed experts and best practices to client requirements, and we turn requirements into performance.  Since it’s inception in 2005 ViaGlobal has been the sole training arm and operator of the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan.  ViaGlobal is the preeminent international provider of tactical/combat training, threat vulnerability assessments of sensitive sites, and Special Operations curriculum design. 

About Legion Operator Training Group:  Military base realignment and closures have challenged the military’s ability to maintain their war fighting capabilities.  Looking to the future, our forces will continue to have a global presence in an age of uncertainty and complexity.  Legion solves the resourcing concerns of our defense forces to ensure the warfighter remains on the cutting edge of technology and training.  Now with over 4,500 acres of training area, Legion OTG is better equipped than ever to provide the best training facilities in the country.  POC:  Julie Jarrett, Public Relations, 229-724-4485, jjarrett@legionotg.com, http://www.legionotg.com/

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